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10 Things To Check Before Hiring A SEO Agency!

SEO is inevitable for your brand. With numerous marketing agencies claiming great things, how do you hire a firm for the job? There’s always a choice of having your in-house team of SEO experts, but for smaller brands and new website owners, this isn’t an option owing to budget constraints. In this post, we have listed down the 10 things that you need to check when looking for an SEO company.

  • The offer. SEO agencies work with all kinds of businesses and firms, and therefore, they need to have price points for everyone. Some of them may also have additional deals and offers for services like social marketing and PPC, which can be an added advance. In short, check what the company can do for your brand.
  • The estimate. Gone are times when a fixed price was offered for every other SEO job. Today, it is an area of customization, and you need an agency that can understand the needs of your brand and can offer an estimate that’s relevant to the work at hand.
  • Experience counts. Well, experience in online marketing and SEO always comes handy, and if you are looking for sure success, it’s best to work with a firm that has been around for at least five years.

  • Talk about their approach. A SEO service should be able to explain their approach towards page rank and keyword optimization. You need to know the ideas they bring to the table and how they intend to achieve the objectives.
  • Check if they are using white-hat techniques. SEO is an ongoing process, and therefore, there is no way you can settle for shortcuts. Make sure that the agency you choose is using white-hat techniques only.
  • Response time. A marketing firm that doesn’t respond back within a day or two of receiving your email or call doesn’t deserve your time. Check the response time of the service before you taking a call.
  • Check their website. If an agency doesn’t have a good website, they cannot do much for your brand either. A SEO agency’s work is evident from the ranking, design, and traffic of their own website.
  • Support matters. As a customer, you don’t have the time to wait for response and queries. SEO agencies are expected to offer unparalleled assistance for all matters related to the job, and they should be around to take calls.

  • Ask for reports. How would you know if your website is performing as expected? To evaluate the work of a SEO service, you need to ask for reports, which can be offered every month to track the growth and ranking of your website.
  • Finally, do check if the company is willing to offer references. A SEO agency that has been in business for years will have enough clients and they wouldn’t shy away from talking about their work and projects. Call up their clients and learn more about their experience.

Find a few services now and seek estimates to take things further.

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