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7 Simple Tips for Promoting a New Website

Even the best websites need to be promoted. Planning an internet marketing strategy for a new website can be confusing. There are endless platforms, channels and techniques, and it is necessary to strike a balance. In this post, we have 7 very basic but simple tips of promoting a new portal.

  1. Hire an agency

As cliché as it may sound, it is always better to hire an experienced marketing agency for your website. Besides planning all the other things, an experienced firm can also help in keeping the costs under control.

  1. Start with SEO

SEO or search engine optimization is the first thing that new websites should focus on. It helps in promoting the portal, but without spending a lot of money. SEO is a scalable process, so you can easily understand the relation between results and efforts.

  1. Create more original content

Customers love original content. You can add a blog section to your website, where you can post new things every week. You need to be regular with your content plan, and in all likeliness, you should see a jump in website traffic.

  1. Use social media

Social media marketing is not about placing ads on Facebook and Twitter. It is also about engaging with your customers and audience at a personal level. Create a business page, where you can respond to queries and complaints directly. Also, share content and other materials that may engage the audience.

  1. Go for video marketing

Creating videos for your website’s promotional needs doesn’t have to be expensive. All you need is a few good ideas and a decent DSLR. A Vlog is always a good way to talk to people on YouTube. Besides earnings through YouTube, you can also make money by other brand promotions and collaborations.

  1. Work with a budget

The number of choices and options in online marketing can be overwhelming, and let’s agree on one thing – you cannot do it all. Create a budget for your website’s marketing needs, and stick to it to the best possible extent.

  1. Spend on email marketing

When it comes to advertising and marketing online, you also need to use email marketing to get leads, especially if you are selling goods and services on your website. Spend on email lists and software, or ask your agency to do things as required.

Start planning your campaign early to reap the maximum benefits.


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