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Apple Through the Decades

Believe it or not, Apple, Inc has been around for four decades.  As a technology company—with quite the long reputation—Apple has not always had it easy, of course, but they always seem to figure out what it is going to take to get ahead.


Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak came together to start Apple Computer Inc only after Wozniak built the world’s very first personal computer, in his garage, in 1976.  Likely modeling the keyboard after a typewriter, of course, he figured out how to connect this keyboard to a television (which became the monitor).  Jobs priced this first computer—the Apple I—at the very odd $666.66.


In 1984, Jobs and Wozniak launched The McIntosh computer. Yes, they named the computer after the apple of the same name; and this was to be the very first computer to feature a graphical interface.  Of course, “computers” had been around for a little while but these were mostly used in industrial capacities; typically the computers used in the early 80s performed automated tasks.  This McIntosh computer, though, could be marketed as a small business and home tool with a notable price of $2,495 at the time.


In the early 1990s Apple began to expand its product line, away from computers and towards the emerging industry of personal entertainment and media.  At this time, portable music players were all the rage but digital cameras were also becoming popular.  Steve Jobs also maintained his focus on computers—as they were still very popular—and he continued to expand his desktop and laptop lines, finding particular success with the iMac, which offered quite the sexy alternative to the boxy towers and monitors that were on the market.


In 2001, though, Jobs wanted to have more control over the way the company would present and release products to the market.  And that is why he launched two Apple stores in May of 2001—one on each US coast—to help invite consumers to see his vision.  This is also when Apple launched the paradigm shifting mp3 player: the iPod.

Barely six years later, Apple launched its new cell phone concept. Again, not the first to the market, Apple figured out how to attract a customer base. Over the next few years (and every year since, mostly), Apple continues to launch upgrades and new innovations—like the Primecables lightning cable—to continue to build on the iPhone mobile phone line.

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