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Five Useful Tips to Buy Thermal Cameras

Thermal cameras are an important surveillance tool when it comes to securing rooms that need the highest scrutiny during monitoring. They implement thermal radiation technology to detect objects in the room. They develop a heat map, which is used to create visual images of objects in front of the camera. Here are a few useful tips that could help you buy thermal cameras:

  1. Range of Thermal Readings:

Each thermal camera has its own range in which it can read the thermal heat values of each and every object there. Each object emits heat and this heat can only be read by a thermal camera if it is within the range of the thermal camera. A smaller range camera can cause Hikvision security concerns. Therefore, always go with a thermal camera with a powerful range lens.

  1. Camera Modes:

Thermal cameras can be blinded by mirrors and other reflective surfaces. If your thermal camera also has normal camera or X-Ray mode, then you can see through these objects as well.

  1. Select a Camera That Has Repeatable and Accurate Results:

Thermal cameras aren’t just used to see the heat differences but also measure them. This means these cameras should be really accurate and consistent in their readings. The thermal imager should exceed or meet the minimum +/-2% accuracy. It should also include tools that are used for entering reflected temperature and emissivity values in the camera.

  1. It Should Output File Formats That Are Broadly Supported by All Video Recorders:

There are various thermal cameras that output their images in a specialized format that is proprietary to their company. Due to this, they can only be analyzed and read by their own systems and specialized software. Make sure the camera you purchase outputs its files in some standard format that is supported by the video recorder that you use.

  1. The Camera Should Have Up-To-Date Features with Latest Security Patches:

There are apps that can read your camera’s output remotely using wireless connection. Therefore, your camera should have the latest security patch installed to avoid any complications later. It should also have the latest features or at least compatibility with the latest security systems so that it stays relevant after your purchase.

Use these tips to buy the perfect thermal camera. By using these tips, you would get a thermal camera that suits your needs and is of perfectly high quality.

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