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How To Evaluate The Best Cloud Service Provider?

Now, it is a universally acknowledged fact that cloud computing has improved the business world to the next level by ensuring quick software updates, bigger storage space and a cost-effective way to run the business operations smoothly. But there are a few things that entrepreneurs should consider when choosing a cloud service provider. There are limited service providers such as PhoenixNAP ensuring the state-of-art cloud computing experience to their clients.

Here, we’ll be discussing on a few useful thing that should be evaluated in the cloud service provider—

Do your homework

If you’re a startup owner and want to shift your business to cloud for more improved services and features to your clients then you should have the proper knowhow about the technology first. Then, you need to do your homework on finding a suitable service provider ensuring complete security, compliance, unmatchable customer service, manageability etc.

Clients they have served

It is very important to consider the businesses they have served till date. From the website, you’ll find the names or logos of the brands they have supported till now are scrolling. You can even check the portfolio where the details of the previous clients are shared. You should take a deep look at the developments that the businesses have experienced soon after adopting the cloud services from the provider.

Experience and industries served by the service provider

When choosing the cloud service provider, know about the industries served by them. Along with their experience paradigm, it is necessary to ensure whether they have the experience of supporting business that you run. Therefore, have a direct conversation with them and let them know about your business as well as your expectation from the cloud service provider.

A brand with global footprint

If you’re a startup, like other promising entrepreneurs, you need to figure out your products match the global standards. The cloud architecture underlying the infrastructure of your business has an important role to play to support your expectation of reaching the global platform. For that, you need to collaborate with a cloud service provider having global footprint.


If your business has already invested in the Microsoft world then it’s better to move on with Azure considering the present and the future workflow. But if you are about to begin with cloud and keener towards Google and Amazon then opt for a service provider offering similar services.

These are some important things to consider before choosing the cloud service provider.

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