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5 Questions Every Business Should Ask When Evaluating IT Managed Services Provider

Every business seeks ways to address the important IT needs without adding anything to their overhead costs. This is where IT managed services provider (MSP) comes to the rescue. Every leading consulting firm, technology reseller, and consultancy is hiring IT managed services. When you are hiring one, here are some questions you can ask when evaluating the MSP.

  1. What is the history of the MSP?

Was the business concentrated on reselling and installing the IT hardware solutions, but now it is transformed into an MSP to make the most of this leading trend? It is important to ensure that the MSP you hire has an IT services pedigree with a track record of solid client retention and knowledgeable consultants who are able to understand what it requires to keep a business organization in a top notch condition and provides a predictable IT spend model.

  1. Does the MSP have its own command center?

Some of the most valuable MSP offer backend data security and proactively updating the security patches, responding to the market demands, scheduling maintenance, monitoring the network, reporting and helpdesk support. The ideal way for an MSP to deliver on these functions is to have its very own independent network operation center aka NOC.

  1. What’s the relationship of MSPs with the backend solution provider?

A good MSP like Managed IT Services by Bell Tech Pros will directly access the hardware and software solutions such as the firewalls, disaster recovery etc. versus being dependent on the third party support.

  1. Does the MSP try to pitch everything as a managed service?

Beware of the MSPs which are trying to pitch everything as a managed services offering. Some solutions vary greatly by costs and are hard to provide under the MSP model. As a matter of fact, there are many solutions that are perfect as managed services. Just keep in mind that the managed IT services should solve pressing, leverage vetted technology, succinct business needs, and have predictable costs.

  1. Is the MSP able to explain to you what would you be receiving under each program?

There should be no hidden costs involved. The proposals should entail fixed IT expenditure as well as approved and accounted for variable IT spending. The MSP should make it easily understandable for you about the investment you will be making. Overall, do not be fearful to ask tough questions to the potential MSP. As a business owner, you should be able to select an MSP partner who is able to meet your business needs, is proactive and responds quickly to the dynamic IT needs.

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