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5 Upcoming Mi Products for your home

Xiaomi has made its name not only with the smartphones but also with the other smart devices which it has launched in the last few years. The company has not shifted its concentration completely from the smartphones but it has made itself a brand for those who love to own useful gadgets. From television to rice cooker, Xiaomi has something for everyone.

The following list has the top 5 products which will be launched on online shopping websites and will change the way we look at our day-to-day gadgets. All these gadgets are smart and can be operated with the help of a smartphone and the application.

  1. Mi Routers: If you are using home network or broadband connection, you must be aware of the device called router. It helps in connecting the devices with the internet connection via wired connection or wifi. The company has a wide range of routers based on wifi technology that has the 64-meter range and can connect to a 300 Mbps network. The company also offers Gigabyte Routers which have the 100-meter range and come with an unbelievable 1 TB storage capacity.
  1. Smart Rice Cooker: The device is available in China only as of now. Rice is the staple dish in China and most of the household have specific rice cookers to make it easy to cook the food. The company has launched a smart version of the rice cooker which can be controlled with the help of a Smartphone.
  1. Mi air purifier: In the cities with high density of air pollution, airborne diseases like asthma etc are very common especially in children. Therefore, the sale of air purifiers is getting higher every year. Xiaomi has a range of air purifiers that you can control with the help of a smartphone. These air purifiers can clean 406 cubic meters of air in just one hour.
  1. Mi Lighting: Smart lighting is gaining popularity as one of the most desired product under Internet of Things. The company sells smart lights in three different variants. Starting from just Rs.850 the highest priced lamp goes to a very affordable price range of Rs.2300 only. These lamps can be controlled with the help of a smartphone.
  1. Mi Smart Kettle: If you are a caffeine buff, this product is made for you to enjoy the steaming hot tea or coffee at the right temperature. This smart kettle can remember your temperature preferences and will provide you with the water, coffee or tea at the perfect temperature.

The list of products launched by Xiaomi to make your home a smart place is endless. You can buy these devices during Diwali offers to make sure you get the best deal. From television to routers and washing machines to air purifiers, Xiaomi is taking over the homes of gadget lovers in the perfect possible way. As the products are pocket-friendly, it is a win-win situation for everyone.

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