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7 Tips For Selecting A Perfect WordPress Theme!

Launching your website on WordPress can be overwhelming.  As a beginner, you probably have little technical knowledge about selecting a WordPress theme. The very first consideration is related to the choice of the theme. If you are short on budget, hiring a developer might not be a great idea, because custom themes can cost more than $200. Selecting a readymade WordPress theme can be even more confusing. Below, we have listed 7 tips that may come handy.

  • Consider your genre. Planning to launch a podcast? You need to find the best WordPress Podcast Themes. Themes are designed for a specific kind of website, and if you can find the right one, there is nothing like it. Of course, evaluate your genre and select accordingly.
  • Simplicity counts. WordPress sites are known for effectiveness and simplicity, and those two things should be on your list for sure. Complex portals are hard to manage, and the visitors won’t have a good time either.

  • Always select a responsive theme. Don’t buy a WordPress theme, unless it is responsive for all platforms and screens. Around 35% of internet searches are initiated on mobile, and you cannot afford to lose that segment of your audience.
  • Check for browser compatibility. Your users will use all kinds of browsers, right from Chrome to Opera and Firefox, and the theme should be tested for each of them. With readymade themes, this is an aspect, you cannot afford to ignore in the first place.
  • Support for WordPress plugins. A number of themes rely on WordPress plugins, so you need to know what the theme can support. Take your time to evaluate the same. Plug-ins can help in enhancing and adding more features on your website.

  • SEO matters. A WordPress site should be SEO-friendly. Yes, you need to check that. Typically, you have to manage that at your end, but the theme should be capable of handling the marketing aspects. The theme should be designed with the SEO elements in mind.
  • Support is essential. With readymade theme, you may not get unlimited support, and therefore, knowing the costs is important. If a WordPress theme costs more than usual, and you are getting free assistance for tech matters for the next few months, it is always a better deal.

Check online to find the best sites to get free and paid WordPress themes, and read the description before taking a call!

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