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7 Vital Steps For Revamping Your Website!

Revamping your website can be a long process, and it’s important to start on start on the right note. In this post, we have seven tips for revamping your existing web portal.

  1. Start with a cause

Are you unhappy with the website’s performance? What do you want to redesign the website? Do you need a few new features? If you know the objective and purpose of the new project, it’s easier to move ahead.

  1. Look for a good web development service

Finding a company for custom web development can be tricky. You need a team of developers, who can understand the current theme and can create something better. The whole purpose of revamping an existing website is to improve its features and appearance. For that, a competent design service is required. Start by seeking references from friends and colleagues for references. You also look online to shortlist a few services. Check their previous projects and the kind of solutions they can offer for your portal.

  1. Ask for a demo

Regardless of whether it’s a new website or a revamped version, you have to ask for a demo. Designers may show two to three templates and design ideas for your website, based on the requirements. This quite an important step, because the whole design, color scheme, features and other aspects will be decided at this point.

  1. Get the content ready

A new website will also need new content. Talk to the web design team about the pages and other contents that might be required for the website, and if possible, hire a good copywriter and content manager for the job, especially if you have a big portal. The content must be written keeping the design layout in consideration.

  1. Consider a new logo

Typically, most businesses don’t change their logo frequently. However, if you plan to shift the image of your company, redesigning the logo is a good idea. Companies that deal with website revamp often have contacts of logo designers and content developers, who can help clients with custom needs. The logo designer must offer at least two to three choices for your theme.

  1. Keep a check on the development work

When it comes to redesigning a website, the client must be involved in the work process. No matter how busy you are, you have to keep a track of the development work, and if possible, talk to the company and seek frequent reports on the project every week.

  1. Get a plan in place

It can take a while to complete the website, depending on the nature of the project. Before you hire a web design team, talk to them about the time required and if possible, plan the next steps in marketing in advance. Keep in mind that the new website will need adequate promotion, and it’s best to check for the necessary things, which includes involving an internet marketing agency.

Lastly, do compare a few web design quotes before taking the final call on the design, theme, and other things.

Author Bio – Alan is an online marketer and web developer. He is currently running a digital marketing agency in Singapore. He has 9 years of traditional media experience and 8 years of digital marketing experience.

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