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Continuous Testing Platform – A Complete Synopsis

Continuous Testing platform is a testing process early, that is done everywhere, and automate. This is a process of quality evaluation at every step of delivery process. The aim of this continuous testing is that the test is done early and often. It involves the process of stakeholders such as QA, DevOps, Developer, and Operational system.

Why continuous testing is different?

The testing is done in an old way and is done as hand off centric. It is handed to teams and the QA teams wanted to ascertain quality and need more time. A Project has QA phases and definite Development. The goal of the quality is to prevail over the project schedule.

However, there is a need for the business to offer faster software delivery to the end user. As there is newer software, the better it is marketed and there is an increase in the Company’s revenue potential. Hence, it reveals a new way of evolved testing.

Continuous implies things to be done on a continuous basis as undisrupted testing. In the process of Continuous DevOps, a software change is moving continuously right from Development origin to Testing to Deployment.

The code is developed, delivered, deployed, and tested continuously. In the continuous process the code is checked by a developer in the source code server such as automated unit tests and is executed. In case the tests fail, the developer receives a notification and the build is rejected. In case, the test is passed, the performance is deployed, the load tests and QA servers ensure exhaustive functional. The tests run in parallel and the software is organized if the tests passed in production.

Continuous Testing in the Continuous Integration, Development, and Deployment Cycle is a small cog. The software development is not identical as it was in the past as we cut from months to weeks the development. The testing currently is done using UI testing and the aim is to have more automated unit tests.

Procedure of Continuous testing?

  • Using the tools, you can generate the automation test suite from user
  • Using tools to generate the test automation suite from user requirements or stories
  • Creating a Test Environment.
  • Copying and anonymizing the production data helping in creating test data bed
  • Using service virtualization to cure API
  • Parallel performance of testing

Continuous Testing platform is identified as reinventing software testing for DevOps. There are end-to-end test automation and risk-based testing done to break software conventional testing barriers.

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