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E-Commerce Web Site Design – 4 Mistakes Which Are Killing Your Company

Your e-commerce web site design ought to be as easy to use as you possibly can since the Internet surfer has little persistence with regards to “discovering” how and where to obtain the information he wants. If he can’t get what he wants within 3 clicks, he’ll proceed to another site rather than return.

So, don’t result in the mistake of getting an elaborate site use the ‘keep it easier stupid’ (Hug) formula. Listed here are 4 critical mistakes you need to avoid inside your e-commerce web site design:

1. The Website Loads Not Fast Enough – Nothing could be more annoying than the usual site that’s taking forever to load. Based on scientific studies, for each 2 seconds delay in load time, there’s a rise of 8% within the rate of holiday makers abandoning the website. Tests your website on all kinds of browsers and be sure it loads fast. This is among the most important e-commerce web site design mistakes that kill traffic.

2. Your Shipping Cart Is Asking A Lot Of Questions – Requiring people to answer a lot of questions in order to checkout might just kill a purchase for you personally. Don’t place your questionnaire prior to the consumer has to look at. If he needs to undergo greater than 3 steps before hitting take a look at, he’ll leave your website. Possess the shopping cart software register the address along with other cumbersome details for good, so a coming back client wouldn’t have to keep repeating exactly the same information once again.

3. Not Receiving The Facts Of The Individual Who Would Like To Make An Order – Most sites request an easy three-step free registration before being able to access products or before proceeding towards the cart. Why so much interest? This ought to be a vital feature inside your e-commerce web site design. In situation – for whatever reason – the customer couldn’t conclude the acquisition, you can always write back requesting the main reason you also could offer info on future similar products for possible purchase.

4. Delivering A Lot Of Emails Too Frequently – Unless of course your website has indeed something totally new to provide every single day – say, like some kind of special deals – don’t email your opt-in list people every single day. Once per week is a good example so when you need to do make certain you’ve something of worth to state or else you will soon finish within the ‘spam’ folder. It isn’t really an e-commerce web site design mistake, but it’s so thoroughly associated with eCommerce it needed a mention.

When you are looking for the most reputed company for e commerce website design, you will be spoilt for choices. There are so many of these companies offering services in Singapore. However you must choose the best one as per your requirement and budget.

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