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Five Awesome Benefits of Recycling Electronic Waste

Just like other products, electronic products are made from renewable and non-renewable resources. Recycling these products makes it possible to recover elements which can be reused to manufacture new products. But electronic waste is a concern because it contains a high amount of toxic materials like mercury, cadmium and lead that tend to be highly reactive. Smart recycling is important to reap the benefits of electronic recycling. E-waste can be a source of precious metals like gold, copper and zinc. Here are the benefits of e waste recycling.

Recover Precious Metals

Nearly all durable appliances have gold, zinc and copper. These precious metals are used in different components such as circuits, wirings and channels. Manufacturers can make use of these metals again to produce new products. And consumers can choose to sell the precious metals as raw materials to suppliers or manufacturers.

Control Pollution and Conserve Energy Resources

E-waste often includes discarded or broken electronic and electrical devices like mobile phones, computers, lamps, televisions, printers and others which usually end up in incineration and landfills. Once dumped in these sites, the toxic substances like mercury found in flat panel display screens may seep into the environment. Recycling plants help in containing the harmful odors and process these materials before releasing them to the air. And their shredders break down these wastes into reusable components delivered to respective industries.

Support the Community

IT asset disposition can include donating old electronics to some charitable institutions that will gladly refurbish and reuse them. Refurbished electronics can be useful for many low-income families and schools as well who may not afford these devices.

Promote Sustainable Development

Corporations have been more attuned to the need for communities, industries and governments to work together to solve global environmental issues which impact everyone. Recycling promotes social responsibilities that demonstrate the interest of an organization to improve the quality of life in the communities.

Create Job Opportunities

Recycling creates jobs for dismantlers and recyclers. Professional recycling is a unique job that only a few choose to pursue. And companies that recycle their electronic wastes can help in restoring the faith of people involved in this job.

The disposal of electronic waste raises health and environmental concerns. Apart from being a viable solution to eliminating the harmful effects of electronic disposal, recycling is a sound business proposition. But it is important for businesses and individuals must have a proactive approach towards recycling electronic waste.

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