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Hard Training Of Launching An Ecommerce Site From The Designers Perspective

As part-time freelance web design service my first chance to create an ecommerce site came into being at the end of 2006. After nine several weeks of labor the website finally went reside in This summer of 2007. I have read as numerous articles on succeeding at ecommerce as possible, Search engine optimization, niche-marketing, ad-words, even articles on color trends and eye-tracking. And in some way, this being my first ecommerce design, Personally i think oddly accountable for the prosperity of my clients site.

It’s as though I were opening a company online too, possibly my design, or my advice provided to a “under knowledgable client”, will in some way make the store to fail.

The website sells Body Jewellery and Designer Inspired Handbags, two huge markets on the web already. My client owns mall kiosks already and hosts purse parties, be responsible for direct offline marketing possibilities, what concerning the random internet shopper who stumbles upon the website. What’s going to that possible client think? Like a designer (a self-trained one) who transpires with take a little bit of pride and pleasure within my work, shall we be held the defining element in the prosperity of Expressionbodyjewelry.com or does that responsibility fall squarely around the shoulders from the business proprietor?

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