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Remember these Key Things when Transitioning to WordPress 5.0

WordPress has recently launched its latest version by the name WordPress 5.0. It is seamless and smoother than ever. But there had been many issues where users cited glitches and errors when transitioning to the latest version. When upgrading, here are the key things to remember.

  1. Themes and plugins

Before you transition from WordPress 5.0, no matter if it’s your personal account or an account run by a Digital Marketing Agency, you need to upgrade your old plugins to the latest versions. The incompatible ones may cause functional bugs and may let in malware threats as well.

  1. Update your PHP version

WordPress operates on PHP programming language. Hence, it is essential that all the themes, plugins and third party tools must be compatible with the latest version of PHP. When using old PHP versions, it may cause compatibility issues and a bad user experience.

  1. Build website backup

It is always considered a good practice to back up your website daily. If you have not being doing this, start from this very moment. When upgrading to WordPress 5.0, you need to create a mandatory backup. It comes in handy whenever there are some errors happening during the migration and the website acts weird.

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