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Should you consider Ruby on Rails for your next web applications?

Many developers and codes believe that WordPress is ideal for building websites, but Ruby on Rails is more required and essential for intricate web development projects and apps. Ruby on Rails has a few advantages as an opens source framework. It runs on Linux – which is 100% free and is distributed under the MIT license. As such, the cost of development on ROR is pretty limited, even for the advanced and complicated web applications. Below are some of the other facts worth knowing!

Considering Ruby on Rails

Ruby on Rails is comprehensive – period. It is a thriving community of developers, who share codes, plugins, modules and much more, on an open platform, much like WordPress and Drupal. Quite expectedly, developing projects on Ruby on Rails doesn’t require a lot of time, even when the scope of work is complex. Developers follow a standardized system for storing files, and therefore, even after years, making changes to the app is not hard. Ruby on Rails encourages what is known as ‘test driven development (TDD)’, and experts believe that this can reduce the cost of development considerably. Did you know that Twitter, Hulu and Groupon use ROR? In fact, a lot of startups and growing firms are choosing ROR over other options, and the trend is quite interesting.


How to get started?

Well, there are plenty of companies that specialize in Ruby on Rails software development, and finding options is not hard anymore. What matters more than anything else is expertise. A company that has an in-house team of top developers and the experience of designing intricate projects should be your first choice. Many experts recommend going for an offshore service, if you can get good support, technical expertise and a competent quote. With Ruby on Rails, it is easy to understand and design a prototype, and therefore, if the project cannot be done on the framework, you already get to know it at the start. Find a company that offers unparalleled assistance and support for Ruby on Rails projects, and also get an estimate to understand if you can afford them. Developers who have worked on a number of projects will never shy away from discussing previous projects and clients, so getting references can be handy. Also, check the testing process they follow, which tells a lot about their work.

Check online now to find Ruby on Rails developers, and don’t forget to check their tech support and other relevant service highlights!

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