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Web Services – Definitions We Ought To All Know About

Web services, SOA, everything-as-a-service: what exactly are each one of these terms? Exactly what do they mean for you? Here are some definitions when i discover their whereabouts:


Service Oriented Architecture. a means of describing a company model that utilizes cloud-computing.


Using Web Services.

Web Services

Software or data offered on the internet being an ongoing service as opposed to a custom-made or out-of-the-box software program or dataset (delivered, say, on CD)


Data like a Service. Outsourcing data management to “the cloud” – either “public” data (for example street names) or personal information (for example stock lists).

Desktop like a Service: This term has not really caught on because of DaaS being generally restricted to “data like a service” or “database like a service”. Desktop like a services are an extremely better term for that more buzzword-y “Operating-system like a Service” not really a true operating-system (which boots in the computer and manages a user’s hardware sources) but a web-based desktop which stores your requirements and essentially functions being an interface for other web services, as being a normal desktop is really a user intterface for traditional software and knowledge.


Software like a Service. Outsourcing software to some company “within the cloud” that runs the program, updates it, and enables business use of it for any charge.


Platform like a Service. A bit of software delivered like a service that enables growth and development of 3rd-party apps to “plug into” it. Examples: Salesforce.com, Facebook.com

Lesser-known services underneath the umbrella “everything like a service”


Communication like a Service. Delivering telecommunications, im etc. like a service on the internet. Telephony like a service, also referred to as “Voice like a service”, employs Voice over internet protocol (Voice Over Ip). Hardware and software could be provided like a service by providers.


Infrastructure like a Service. Slightly tricksy one, this. Could be taken to be much like “Operating-system like a Service” or “Desktop like a Service”, Infrastructure like a Service typically dishes up services centred around hardware in addition to software. Wikipedia informs us that “servers, software, data center space or network equipment” are offered in IaaS.


Monitoring like a Service. Network/website monitoring delivered like a service. Notifications of network or website problems delivered via SMS, email, etc. Another term not necessarily area of the Web 2 . 0. Buzzword Boom but nonetheless relevant:

Utility Computing

Self-explanatory: supplying computing services like a metered utility, in the same manner the services above are delivered like a service. Using the sheer weight of as-a-service choices on the ‘net today, getting a obvious concept of what these concepts are and just how they might benefit your company has not been more pertinent – or difficult.

James Johnson, referred to as Mr Webservice, includes a pursuit to educate people about the advantages of the brand new wave of “like a service” products delivered on the internet.

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