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What is an IT Report and What is its Importance?

What is an IT report?

Like every report, IT reports are a compilation of an ensemble of IT KPIs and metrics which are tracked over a certain period of time in order to assess the situation during that time. It can include a range right from helpdesk issues reports, delineating the number of tickets received, their resolution, project management report monitoring the status of the project, to more financially-inclined costs and revenue reports. No matter what the aspects are, they add to the value of the reports making it impactful. There is a need for alignment with the strategies of the objectives and priorities of the company, to the risks involved.


Importance of IT Reports

When determining a business strategy for the IT department of your company, you need to build up a vision, determine goals to accomplish and pave a clear path on achieving them. IT reports help you in envisioning each stage involved, including where you are standing, and showcase the status you have accomplished so far, but also the impact you are leaving on that status. Hence, it is highly important to report accurately. If your reports are not in alignment with the bigger business objectives, you might eventually end up dividing your business apart. Bad reporting practices can also impact your budget as well.

It has many benefits as well. Apart from assessing the current status of activities, it also offers you proof of the happenings as well. By using an online database and an IT analytics software can help you solicit all your data at one place to easily analyse everything at once and plan up and execute actionable IT dashboards. Also, you don’t need to strive with the permanent sync, your data is always up to date. IT reports help in making informed business decisions.

When visualized via professional dashboards, IT reports are always helpful because they give a glimpse of the current status in brief. It is similar to the answers you give like, “I am beat,” or “tired but pleased,” to answer someone who is asking your current feelings, without any need to give them detailed explanation on everything that happened to you at work. A report is like a story narrated in a nutshell. It is a highly productive tool to articulate the performance of your team or an intent to collaborate together with the co-workers.

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