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Why Managed WordPress Is Promised to Have the Best Website Hosting in Canada

Parxavenue–A New Approach to Website Hosting in Canada

One fourth of all websites now use WordPress, a massive service whose sole business is hosting servers.

However, WordPress can be tricky because there are multiple ways to host a server, and each comes with its pitfalls.

  • Shared Server: This means that several different people are using the same server and one person, the owner, is running it. Anyone using a shared server should be careful because the sheer amount of people on one server tends to cause technical problems.
  • Personal Server: Also known as a DIY server, where the user sets up and manages their own server. The benefits of this server go only as far as its owner. If the site was started by a tech guru with twelve years’ experience at Microsoft, everything will probably be fine.
  • Managed Server: This is when the server’s owner hires a third-party company to run and manage the site.

Out of the three options, this last one is the best.

It offers many more crucial services and is staffed by some of the best in the industry, and all for slightly higher than the price of a Netflix Account.

Some companies are specialized even further, focusing not just on WordPress, but on servers from one specific country.

Let’s say, for instance, that the client is Canadian and wants to find the best website hosting in Canada. There are sites for that.

What Makes a Managed Server Different?

Unlike the others, a managed server is built to be reliable and easy-to-use.

To that end, managed servers often come with automatic file backup, so the client will never lose any of their files if their computer happens to shut down unexpectedly.

Managed servers also take security quite seriously, so they will usually provide a client with services designed to block malware and prevent hacking.

Managed servers are literally built around the idea of better service. The host companies are optimized to make WordPress run more smoothly and often has a great support team, who are always there to take your questions.

Web Hosting in Canada

Parxavenue is a website hosting service that focuses on website hosting in Canada, putting it in a niche market, but also making it the best in that market.

Always aiming to satisfy the client, Parxavenue has all the typical services, plus a few extras.

Its support team isn’t just good. It’s award-winning.They even work to help the client’s website show up more often on Google, Bing, and other search engines.

The user can even integrate their own site into a Parxavenue server so they don’t lose any of their previous work. It’s also cheaper to use than many of the bigger names in the industry, and yet its services have everything the other guys offer.

Those who have a need for website hosting and who happen to live in or near Canada is more than welcome to contact Parxavenue to get started or ask any questions they might have. They are always there to help.

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